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claya titel 3 web.jpg
claya titel 3 web.jpg

made from clay

our motivation

Finding the beauty in one of the oldest building materials: clay.

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Why clay?

Earth is one of the oldest building materials in the world. We are fascinated by the simplicity of the idea to use the material we are standing on as a building material. Because of its ecological and climatic qualities such as its availability all over the world, earth has the potential for a central construction material that could help us to fight the climate crisis. Apart from that, its appearance varies from region to region in countless different ways offering a wide range of experimenting with it. With every project we are curious about discovering new perspectives on this ancient material.

sometimes we plan
sometimes we build
sometimes we build what we plan 

"The shell that spatially surrounds us should be able to breathe, to diffuse, like our bodies."

Martin Rauch

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