about us

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Elisa Larissa Berker 
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Barbara Beetz 
Babsi and Elisa met in 2019 and connected through their enthusiasm for earth and natural building materials. As both were working in crafts before their studies in architecture, they began their first projects together. They soon realized that they shared the same visions. Babsi and Elisa graduated as “Fachkraft für Lehmbau” from a program specializing in earthwork, to gain more knowledge and to be able to implement their own projects. The passion for combining planning, handcraft and working on construction sites led to the idea of founding CLAYA in 2020.

From time to time and project to project, both worked with different people on different projects. The belief that they can create great projects in gathering the forces of people and thinking collectively enabled the team of CLAYA to grow even further.
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Anna Dienberg 
Viktoria Wiese